Audio System Operation

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The audio system was significantly upgraded in the spring of 2020 to improve audio quality on the club grounds.

The system presently consists of:

- 2 x JBL Pro Control 28-1 speakers in the pool area (one on the clubhouse, one on the pumphouse) - 4 x JBL Pro Control 25-1 speakers in the pavilion - JBL CSMA 2120 mixer/amplifier - Sangean HDT-1 HD radio tuner

All speakers have been upgraded to include WeatherMax grilles to improve outdoor capability from IP-44 to IP-55. The amplifier and speakers are configured to operate at 70 V.

Basic Operation

The amplifier is powered via the pushbutton on the right of the front panel. The indicator is green when in standby (off) and blue when active (on). The amplifier will automatically enter standby if no audio is present after a period of time.

A ring around each front panel knob turns green when audio (associated with the input or zone) is present. If the ring turns red (even momentarily), “clipping” may be present and the gain should be turned down immediately to prevent speaker damage.


The amplifier is split into two audio zones:

  • Zone 1 drives the 4 pavilion speakers.
  • Zone 2 drives the 2 speakers on the exterior of the clubhouse and pumphouse (pool deck).

The Master 1 and Master 2 knobs adjust the master gain (volume) to Zone 1 and Zone 2, respectively. Typically, these should not be adjusted and should remain in the nominal position.

Audio Sources

The audio sources are configured as follows:

  • The microphone is routed to both zones. Gain is adjusted via knob 1. Presence of audio on the microphone will cause all other audio sources to temporarily mute. The switch on the microphone should be used to prevent picking up background conversations.
  • The radio tuner is routed to both zones. Gain is adjusted on a per-zone basis via knob 2 (for Zone 1) and knob 6 (for Zone 2). Previously, the Sangean tuner was relatively “loud”; its gain needed to be less than that of other sources (such as the front desk PC audio). However, two Harrison Labs 12 dB attenuators were added in-line which have brought the output to a much more manageable level.
  • The front desk PC audio is routed to both zones. Gain is adjusted on a per-zone basis via knob 3 (for Zone 1) and knob 7 (for Zone 2). It is recommended that the volume on the PC itself remain set to 100%; adjust the volume via the knobs on the amplifier. The Windows volume control should be set to mute when not in use to avoid unintended audio.
FFSC CSMA 2120 Zones.png


Microphone gain should always be set to the right-most (maximum gain) position. All other gain settings are derived relative to the microphone gain.

Adjust Master 1 and Master 2 as desired. The nominal and safe maximum values are as follows:


The microphone (PA announcements) will always be driven to the pavilion (Zone 1) and pool deck (Zone 2). Adjust Master 1 and/or Master 2 per the prior guidelines if announcements are too quiet or too loud. To adjust music gain on the pavilion relative to the microphone gain, adjust knob 2 (radio tuner) or knob 3 (front desk PC audio). If music is desired on the pool deck, adjust knob 6 (radio tuner) or knob 7 (front desk PC audio) as required.

The nominal and safe values for the audio sources (inputs) are as follows: