Board Building and Grounds

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Job Description

  • Attend monthly board meetings (minimum 80%).
  • Monitor budget specific to the upkeep and maintenance of the pool and grounds.

Pre-Season Tasks

Mid to Late Feburary: Purchase Pool Chemicals

    • Take inventory of existing chemicals.
    • Update and review prior years' orders and usage where possible to estimate the needs for the upcoming year. While it is difficult to know our exact needs - ordering to stock for the high-side of average use has the potential to save us money. Take advantage of early buy discounts and to minimize subsequent order delivery charges.
    • A large quantity of Accutabs (calcium hypochlorite) and hydrochloric (muriatic) acid will be required. To a lesser extent (depending upon existing inventory), calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and stabilizer will be needed. A new (Taylor) test kit is always required for the season.


  • Request water meter installation via the City of Livonia.
  • Coordinate pool opening (the water must be turned on first).
    • The pool should be opened at least one week prior to the club's opening day. Ideally, it should be opened much earlier (in April) to provide sufficient time to balance chemicals, solve issues, etc.
  • During opening, the cover will be removed, folded and placed on the deck. It is the responsibility of the club to move and store it in the shed.
  • Coordinate spring clean-up.
    • Order mulch, as needed.
    • Purchase leaf bags
    • Ensure that the necessary yard tools are available.
    • The hired lawn crew does not trim trees or maintain landscape beds - this should be part of the clean-up.
    • Clean deck chairs and place on the pool deck.
    • Set up and clean tables (pavilion and grounds).
    • Clean up leaves, sticks, etc., from the grounds.
    • Clean the clubhouse.
  • Install ceiling fans.
  • Clean and distribute trash and bottle recycling cans.
  • Install tennis, volleyball and tetherball nets.
  • Assemble, clean and test the gas grills. The gas supply valve is in the basement utility room.
  • Install the large umbrella. The folding mechanism may need to be lubricated.


  • The boiler must be inspected per the insurance company and state. The inspector that visited in August 2020 indicated that the next inspection would not be due until 2023. A CSD-1 form must be filled out as part of (or prior to the inspection). This form is to be kept on-file both near the boiler and in a binder in the club house.