Board Membership

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Job Description

  • Attend monthly board meetings (minimum 80%).
  • Update membership data as warranted.
  • Update database for computer check-in.
  • Maintain (in tandem with Secretary) the e-mail database.
  • Provide e-mail distribution of all information as necessary to Secretary.
  • Provide message to membership via front desk to encourage member interaction during season.

Maintain Wait List

  • Look for low cost effective methods to get membership message to neighborhoods (i.e. work with local schools, businesses).
  • Create and update pamphlet to attract potential members.
  • Answer phone inquiries within 48 hours regarding membership.
  • Answer e-mail inquiries within 48 hours regarding membership.
  • Provide tours, as necessary, to prospective members.
  • Work with Treasurer to collect wait list fees and applications.
  • Provide current wait list in clubhouse for Staff.
  • Send out email in late July to everyone on the wait list to distribute a guest pass to be used during a specific time frame in August.

Collect Dues

  • This task is to be carried out in partnership with the Treasurer
  • Create dues letter for distribution (Mid-January release).
  • Send out reminders for those members who have not paid by the deadline and collect late fees, if necessary.
  • Send out registered letters to those members not replying to membership request by stated due dates.
  • Sell bonds of non-paying members (per rules designated within bylaws).

Administer Bond Sales

  • Track flow of bond sales.
  • Reply to all requests for bond sales.
  • Contact wait list members for bond purchase.
  • Provide welcome package to new members including invoicing and a bond certificate.
  • Send out welcome e-mail to all new members two weeks prior to the new members meeting.
  • Lead the new members' meeting (to be scheduled near the opening weekend).


  • Address member concerns, feedback and positive reinforcements brought forth directly to membership.
  • Provide article for newsletter.
  • Work with [Board Secretary|Secretary]] to update the website, Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media accounts.

Special Skills

  • Computer (word processing, database, spreadsheet, e-mail).
  • A good communicator - must be comfortable talking to people.
  • Organization - must be able to keep records current and track flow of bond sales.
  • A positive attitude - you are likely the first interaction some prospective members have with the club!
  • A desire to make a difference at the club.