Board Secretary

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Job Description

  • Attend monthly board meetings (minimum 80%).
  • Record minutes of each monthly board meeting and distribute to each board member via e-mail prior to the next meeting.
  • Take attendance at each board meeting.
  • Update the FFSC website.
  • Distribute general e-mails regarding announcements to the general membership via e-mail & Facebook posts.
  • Receive newsletter articles from other board members by mid-April, to create Annual initial Newsletter and send out to the general membership through U.S. Mail and e-mail by late April or early May.
  • Purchase any administrative things that might be needed for clubhouse (i.e. receipt book, etc).
  • Create and supply forms for clubhouse use (i.e. guest fees, parties, etc).
  • Create and post election information in clubhouse according to the timeline stated in the by-laws. (no less than 10 days prior and no more than 30 days prior).
  • Create and distribute ballots (email/post in clubhouse) for annual elections (typically by early August, since the meeting typically takes place on the third or fourth Tuesday in August).
  • Reserve monthly board meeting location. Email meeting notice to board members every month.
  • Keep all board, election and other paperwork over the 2 year term. File in clubhouse or pass along to next secretary.
  • Send out Facebook and Twitter updates as necessary.