Board Swim Team

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Job Description

  • Attend monthly board meetings (minimum 80%).
  • Write article for newsletter. Include swim team commitment form.
  • Get commitment forms back and make spreadsheet to include swimmers/parents names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Prepare Sign Up Genius for parents to work swim meets and bring concession items.
  • Receive swimmer money and give to Treasurer.
  • Plan kickoff party. Include appropriate vendor for suit fitting.
  • Attend Presidents meeting.
  • If League Meet host, create schedule of meets for season.
  • Coordinate swim team pictures.
  • Purchase and prepare ribbons for each home meet.
  • Coordinate and purchase swim team t-shirts.
  • Set up for each home meet.
  • Take necessary equipment for away meets.
  • Coordinate food for sale (ie: subs/pizza) for home meets.
  • Coordinate League Meet Fire Up breakfast.
  • Coordinate League Meet Fire Up dinner.
  • Coordinate League Meet banquet dinner/coaches gift.
  • Fairway will host League Meet every 5 years (2018, 2023, 2028, 2033).
  • Participate in the Steak and Corn Roast on Labor Day weekend.