Chemical Orders

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Pool chemical orders are tracked on this page. Do not post costs here as they may be considered proprietary to the supplier (not public).


Year Order Inventory Usage
Ca(ClO)₂ HCl CaCl₂ NaHCO₃ (CNOH)₃ Ca(ClO)₂ HCl CaCl₂ NaHCO₃ (CNOH)₃ Ca(ClO)₂ HCl CaCl₂ NaHCO₃ (CNOH)₃
2016 50 108 3 2 5 No Data
2017 40 212 1 7 4 No Data
2018 63 132 1 3 2 No Data
2019 72 160 1 2 1 No Data
2020 30 120 1 1 2 5 130 4 0 3 No Data
2021 60 30 0 11 TBD 10 15 3 0 0 55 145 1 11 0
2022 55+10 152 0 8 4 9 32 3 0 0 66 135 0 8 4
2023 55 140 0 8 6 Pending (Sep 2023) Pending (Sep 2023)


  • The Order column contains the total number of units ordered for the entire season. If subsequent orders or made (beyond the pre-season order), this should be noted in the notes, below.
  • The Inventory column contains the total number of units on-hand at the end of the season.
  • The Usage column contains the number of units used during the season (the prior year's inventory plus the order minus the usage).
  • Ca(ClO)₂ is Calcium Hypochlorite (Accu-Tab tablets), measured in 50-lb buckets.
  • HCl is hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, measured in 1-gallon containers. Typically 4 gallons are packed in a case.
  • CaCl₂ is calcium chloride, measured in 50-lb bags.
  • NaHCO₃ is sodium bicarbonate, measured in 50-lb bags.
  • (CNOH)₃ is cyanuric acid (CYA, stabilizer), measured in 25-lb buckets.



Chemical orders were not well-tracked. Early season discounts were not fully utilized due to repeat orders (sometimes up to 5 orders in a season, resulting in added delivery charges).


The chemical order was based on 2016 through 2019 averages. The result was a planned excess of some chlorine and acid. No additional orders for chlorine and acid were made, so the pre-season discounts were fully utilized.

However, excess purchase of sodium bicarbonate was necessary to keep the pool alkalinity in range (compared to data from 2016-2019). The amount of stabilizer in the pool was also regularly low.

2022 and Later

Starting in 2022, it was determined that there is no need to purchase calcium chloride. The calcium added by the calcium hypochlorite, in addition to the hardness in the city water supply, is more than sufficient to keep the water hardness within desired bounds.

The early season discounts ended in 2022 (with our primary supplier) due to inflation and supply chain issues. We still aim to purchase all chemicals up-front to minimize delivery charges.

A high burn rate of sanitizer was observed in early 2022. A modest stabilizer level is deemed necessary in the pool water.