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General Guidelines

When selecting fixtures and bulbs, the following general guidelines should be adhered to:

  • All fixtures and bulbs should utilize LEDs; incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent technology (including CFLs) should be avoided.
  • Use bulbs with a 3000 K color temperature. Where possible, bulbs should have a high CRI (90+).
  • Minimize unique fixtures and bulbs, etc. Where possible, refer to the sections below to match existing parts (unless improved versions are available).
  • Commercial grade fixtures should be used wherever possible (versus "residential" grade).

Programmable Timers

Programmable timers have been installed to control the clubhouse soffit lights and pool deck post lamps. Provisions have been made to add a timer to the small pavilion lights in the future (wiring to the dual-gang junction box above the upstairs panel, RLP-2).

A Honeywell RPLS740B1008/U has been selected as the standard for this purpose. It features a 7-day solar time table (for automatic dawn/dusk control) and compatibility with LED and CFL bulbs. It is rated for:

  • 1800 W (15 A) for resistive loads and non-tungsten lights (flourescent, CFL and LED).
  • 1440 W (12 A) for tungsten loads (incandescent/halogen).
  • 3/4 HP for motors/fans.


The timer is configured as follows:

  • Latitude of +42° (north) and -83° (west) for Detroit/Livonia, MI
  • A correction factor ("ADJ") of -1 (per the table in the manual)
  • A single program (P01) with a turn-on at dusk, and a scheduled turn-off:
    • Midnight for the pool deck post lamps (for post-closing clean-up)
    • 2 am for the soffit lights (for aesthetics/security)

Power Failure

After a 4-hour power outage (per the manual - may be less, however), the time must be reset on the timers.

  1. Press and hold the large button for 3 seconds to enter the setup menus.
  2. Press the right small button to select "Time". Press the large button to select.
  3. Press the large button to select 12-hour mode.
  4. Press the left and right small buttons to set the hour, then the large button to save. Do the same for the minute, year, month and day.
  5. The rest of the configuration should remain set. Press the large button to return to normal operation.


Family Changing Area

The lights in the family changing area of 6" cans with Cree 1,400 lumen 19 W (120 W equivalent) 3000 K PAR38 90+ CRI LED bulbs (Home Depot SKU 1003005635). Regarding the cans' semi-odd placement, at the time, the pancake/disc style fixtures were not considered. The recessed fixtures were placed to avoid various bits of wooden structure and existing metal conduit.

Family Restroom

Men's and Women's

The "vapor-proof" fixtures in the men's and women's bathrooms (including shower areas) are TOGGLED HV420PO-A423-40230. Each contains two 3,100 lumen 26 W 4000 K LED bulbs. These fixtures do not adhere to the 3000K color temperature standard mentioned above (lack of availability).

Clubhouse Lobby

Proposed Remodel

Parking Lot

The parking lot consists of two 136 W 4000K LED "roadway" lights on 6-foot support arms attached to wooden poles. Each light produces 17,400 lumens (initial). These lights are owned and maintained by DTE. The club pays a monthly fee that covers the cost of the installation, maintenance, and electricity.

The parking lot lights were upgraded in late summer 2020. The original 175 W mercury vapor fixtures were removed, and the south end pole was replaced as part of the job. From the installation date, the club is bound to the program for five years (through 2025).

Lower wattage LED fixtures were considered, but a trade-off was made to significantly improve the light output at the cost of some energy savings.

Two other proposals from DTE were reviewed but ultimately deemed too expensive. These proposals involved the installation of 5 x 88 W LEDs, either on five separate poles or on three poles (two with dual heads). These proposals would have required some amount of underground trenching.


Content to follow.

Pool Underwater

Details about the pool lights are located here.

Retrofit Proposal

The existing 500 W incandescent pool lights are energy inefficient and require frequent maintenance. The fixtures are old, and despite gasket replacement, are prone to leak. Repair of these fixtures is very expensive when outsourced (roughly $500) and time-consuming when handled in-house.

New fixtures from Pentair are proposed (Intellibrite 5G White LED). The cost per fixture is roughly $700, $750, or $800, depending upon the needed cable length (50, 100, or 150 ft, respectively). Rough estimates suggest 5 x 50 ft, 4 x 100 ft and 1 x 150 ft lengths may be needed. So, a total of $7,300 (rough estimate only).

Assume a 10 week (or longer) lead time based upon vendor experience.

The color-changing LED options, while interesting, are not preferred for a commercial pool where the brightest white light output is needed for safety.

Energy Savings

Energy savings are based on the reduction of seasonal energy usage (in kWh). The following assumptions are made:

  • All pool lights are operational; total consumption is 5000 W (500 W bulbs x 10 lights).
  • The lights are turned on 30 minutes before the calculated sunset time for 48154, calculated via
  • The lights are turned off at:
    • 11 pm on Friday/Saturday.
    • 8 pm all other nights (before June 18th).
    • 10 pm all other nights (starting June 18th).
  • Early closures are not considered.

This results in a total of 172 hours of theoretical usage for 2021, totaling 859 kWh.

Reducing consumption to 550 W (55 W LED fixtures x 10 lights) reduces consumption to about 95 kWh. The cost drops from about $112 to about $12 (assumes $0.13/kWh).

DTE Prescriptive Incentive

To be evaluated. Perhaps $170/fixture, $1,700 total.

Pool Deck Post Lamps

Five post-mounted lamp posts are placed around the pool deck. The date of their installation is unknown, but it seems likely they could be original to the 1967 build of the club.


The pool deck post lights have an interesting history. Nobody asked seemed to know anything about them in 2020 - they were non-functional, and minimally useful prior to that. At some point, frosted glass globes were replaced with low-cost four-sided fixtures with 13 W CFL bulbs. Far too small to provide any light, and proportionally way off on a tall lamp post (one might say "visually ridiculous").

It was finally discovered that the lamp post wiring all terminated into a junction box on the north side of the clubhouse. This junction box traverses the north wall, dropping into another junction box that originally had a duplex receptacle. From there, it ran to a basement junction box via #10 AWG wiring - panel markings suggest this was originally a 30 A circuit, which is curious as all lamp post wiring is #12 AWG (20 A). The 30 A circuit may have been used for the "kiddie pool" pump?


After extensive conduit clean-up and removal of the aforementioned receptacle, new wires were run from the basement junction box to the basement breaker panel (RLP-1).

A 20 A GFCI breaker was installed for safety, as one of the posts is on the pool deck itself. Furthermore, the depth of the conduit and state of the underground wiring are not known - so this is definitely the safe/proper approach. So far (as of August 2021), the circuit seems to be holding up without tripping the GFCI (suggesting very minimal, if any, current leakage).

No off-the-shelf retrofit kit existed for the lamp posts. So, parts were purchased separately.


Item Manufacturer Part Number Description
Fitter Lamp Post Globes - Palm Coast, FL RD4 4 Inch Cast Aluminum Post Top Fitter
Globe Lamp Post Globes - Palm Coast, FL 88467-WH-4F Small White Polyethylene Acorn Globe with 4 Inch Solid Flange
Bulb Sylvania 40706 Sylvania 27 Watt HID LED Post Top Lamp 3000K 3,600 Lumens


  • The fitter itself is of so-so quality (but other options are lacking). The following modifications were/are necessary:
    • Drill out all perimeter drain holes (a step bit works well) to clear out slop from casting.
    • Drill out the inner wire hole and install a rubber grommet to protect against sharp edges that might pierce the wiring.
    • Additional purchased #10-24 (SS) screws may be required to secure the globe to the fitter and the lamp post.
    • Paint with black spray paint.



The fixtures are presumed to be original from the 1967 build. As of 2022, the preferred bulb is a Feit Electric 750 lumen 10.5 W 3000 K non-dimmable PAR30 (UPC 1780152960).

Pump House