Manager Responsibilities

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  • Establish and maintain a safe pool environment.
  • Unlock and open up the clubhouse and pool at the beginning of the shift.
  • Ensure that all doors are locked when closing.
  • Test chlorine and pH using the testing kit; adjust as needed using Chemtrol controller.
  • Help and support staff perform all opening duties so the club is ready upon opening.
  • Help and support staff perform all closing duties so the club is properly locked, cleaned, and shut down at night.
  • Make periodic rounds of pool deck to support lifeguards as needed.
  • Attend to any member needs.
  • Support staff with any cleaning that needs to be done around the grounds and picnic areas.
  • Support staff with member check-in.
  • Clean out strainer basket as needed. Flow level should be between 450 and 650 gallons per minute.
  • Sign-off on shift changes as needed.
  • Count guest fees when closing.
  • Double-check and sign-off on snack bar cash and coin forms.
  • Maintain the EGLE (State of Michigan) Public Swimming Pool Monthly Operation Report.


  • Test pool water for Cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity levels using the testing kit.
  • Add chemicals as needed in order to maintain appropriate levels of above.


  • Submit payroll.
  • Schedule swimming lessons.
  • Ensure swimming lessons are appropriately staffed.


  • Ask staff for schedule requests, reminding them that requests will be granted based on the needs of the schedule.
  • Create lifeguard and snack bar schedule.
  • Conduct lifeguard in-services.


  • Order pool chemicals.
  • Order cleaning supplies/paper products for restrooms.
  • Help lifeguards complete injury/incident reports.
  • Report any staff issues to the board President.
  • Ensure pool is vacuumed.
  • Maintain the party calendar:
    • No more that 50 guests for parties on weekends.
    • No limit (but within reason) during the week.
    • When needed, seek board approval (president or otherwise).


  • Assist the board president and vice president with staffing and interviews.
  • Order lifeguard and snack bar t-shirts.
  • Order lifeguard bathing suits and whistles.
  • Gather initial staff schedule requests, reminding staff that requests are granted based on the needs of the schedule.
  • Create and distribute first staff schedule of the summer.
  • Create a staff phone list.
  • Attend the president/board pre-season staff meeting.
  • Review staff expectations at pre-season meeting.
  • Review shift change policy with staff at pre-season meeting.
  • Obtain updated copies of lifeguards’ certification to post in the club house.
  • Attend snack bar training so managerial staff is aware of new/continued expectations.
  • Purchase any needed office supplies.
  • Set up the party calendar.
  • Re-stock first aid supplies.
  • Coordinate with Building & Grounds to balance pool chemicals.