Pool Filter Tanks

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The four pool (sand) filter tanks, as pictured in September 2021. The filter tanks are the stout cylinders behind the piping.

Four Pentair Triton II Commercial TR140C-3 silica sand-filled filter tanks operate in parallel to capture particles in the water that passes through. As particles accumulate, flow is restricted. This is indicated by an increase in pressure. A pressure gauge and electronic sensor is present on each tank.


According to the Pentair datasheet, the TR140C-3 is capable of handling 38,160 gallons per 6 hours. For 4 tanks, that amounts to 152,640 gallons per 6 hours - shy of the 203,500-gallon pool capacity. Certainly, there are aspects of the pool and the filter system that are and must be "grandfathered" in - and this is likely one of them. There is only floor space for four filters in the pump house. To maintain health department compliance, each filter is driven over design capacity, to at least 50,875 gallons per 6 hours.



Information regarding backwashing is available on this page.

Replacement of Media

Filter media should be replaced approximately every 10 years. This guidance is based upon the seasonal nature of the pool; year-round pools require replacement often at the 5-year mark (or sooner). The last known sand replacement occurred in 2013. It appears that course sand was used (#40 or #60, perhaps). The next replacement will occur in the spring of 2023.

Media Type

Each tank requires one of the following types of media:

  • 925 lbs of #20 (0.45mm to 0.55mm diameter) pool filter grade silica sand.
  • 740 lbs of BrightLine (or equivalent) recycled glass media.
  • 650 lbs of filter sand and 275 lbs of gravel (per the datasheet).

Internal Components

During media replacement, internal components should be replaced. For the Pentair TR140C-3, the following is required:

  • Pentair 154540 12-inch Lateral Assembly (8 per tank, 32 per facility)
  • Pentair 154453 Lateral Hub Assembly (1 per tank, 4 per facility)

See the parts diagram for details.