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Creating and maintaining a safe, clean and friendly environment is first priority as an employee at Fairway Farms.


  • Lifeguards will be provided with a uniform consisting of two staff t-shirts or tank tops and one bathing suit.
  • Snack bar workers will be provided with a uniform consisting of two staff t-shirts.
  • Staff is expected to wear the uniform at all times while on duty.


Phones use is prohibited while on the clock.


Shifts are from noon to 5 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm, Sunday through Thursday. The closing shift is from 5 pm to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please always arrive 15 minutes early in order to prepare for an upcoming shift.


Each hour of the shift will be divided up into four fifteen-minute segments with rotations between:

  • The diving well lifeguard stand.
  • The shallow-end lifeguard stand.
  • General cleaning of the club.
  • The front desk.


Front Desk

  • Greet members as they enter the club.
  • Ask members for their membership number and last name while checking them into the computer system.
  • Ask the member if they have any guests with them today. If they do, have the member sign their guests into the guest binder filling out appropriate information. Make sure the guest has a waiver on file. Collect $5 per person or $15 per family guest fees and secure wristbands.

Opening Duties

  • Perform an initial check of the men's/women's and family bathroom.
  • Place mats in the bathrooms.
  • Place rescue tubes on the lifeguard stands.
  • Place the ring buoy on the deep-end stand.
  • Open up the Funbrella (the large umbrella at the north-east corner of the pool deck).
  • Water flowers.

Closing Duties

  • Restock all items to full capacity.
  • Mark items no longer in basement on white board.
  • Count out $100 including coins (quarters, singles, fives) to remain in cash register as change.
  • Count out all coins and fill out coin deposit form. Place form and coins in envelope.
  • Count out all bills and fill out cash deposit form. Place bills facing in same direction in envelope with form.
  • Give both enveloped to the manager on duty so they can check and sign off on forms.
  • Clean sinks, mirrors, toilets, counters, and floors in the family bathroom.

The lifeguard with the fourth shift is responsible for emptying and replacing liners in garbage cans past half full. Both other lifeguards are responsible for cleaning a bathroom. Mats need to be taken out and hung over the fence. Sinks, mirrors, counters, and toilets cleaned with appropriate supplies. Floors are to be mopped. Sweep under both pavilions and wipe down all picnic tables.

Cleaning Shift

  • Sweep through the appropriate bathroom, checking off items on checklist.
  • Clean off picnic tables with soap and water (located in the snack bar).
  • Check and empty necessary garbage cans replacing liners.
  • Pick up any trash in picnic areas and through out the grass of the grounds.

Most Common Pool Rules

  • No running on any of the cement surfaces surrounding the pool.
  • No food or drink other than water is allowed on the pool deck.
  • Individuals must wait at the bottom of the slides and diving board until clear.
  • Diving is only allowed in the diving well.
  • No flips or back dives are permitted off of the side of the pool.

Adult Swim

Adult swim takes place at quarter to the hour. During this 15 minute period, swimmers under the age of 16 must exit the pool. These swimmers must stay all the way out of the pool for the entire adult swim. Sitting on the side with feet in the water is not permitted.

Wild Wednesday (Float Night)

Floats are allowed in the pool on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Floats are not allowed in the diving well. Dinner options may sold under the big pavilion at this time.

Young swimmers are not permitted to wear water wings in the pool. Lifejackets that have not been worn in a lake and/or flotation devices that are built into the bathing suit are permitted. Children wearing these flotation devices are not allowed to go down the slide or off the diving board.