Emergency Action Plan

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The emergency action plan is as follows:

  1. The primary lifeguard (closest to the victim) will sound three short whistle blasts to alert the secondary lifeguard that they are going to make a rescue.
  2. The secondary lifeguard will clear the pool and alert the other lifeguards.
  3. Once the pool is cleared, the secondary lifeguard will assist the primary lifeguard.
  4. During this time, the other lifeguards will:
    1. Dial 911 for EMS (as required).
    2. Assist the primary and secondary guard (as required).
    3. Handle crowd control.
  5. The primary and secondary lifeguards will begin CPR or Rescue Breathing (as required). If the primary lifeguard is unable to perform CPR or Rescue Breathing (they are not comfortable or become tired), the manager or the highest ranking lifeguard on duty will take over.
  6. Other lifeguards on duty will ensure that EMS has a clear path into the parking lot and through the side gate.
  7. Once EMS arrives, they will take over for the primary and secondary lifeguards.
  8. Once the rescue is complete, the scene will need to be cleaned thoroughly and the pool will be made ready to re-open.
  9. The primary and secondary lifeguards will fill out an incident report.