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The following is effective as of June 23rd, 2022.


Fairway Farms Swim & Tennis Club (FFSC) Rules and Regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members and guests. These items have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the FFSC facilities.

Parents are required to caution their children to observe all rules and obey instructions of the pool manager and other employees. Failure to comply with these rules/regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of FFSC privileges for the offending member and may also be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership by the Board.

All persons shall use the pool and its facilities at their own risk. FFSC will not be responsible for any accident or injury, or loss or damage to person or property.

The club staff has been given full authority by the Board to enforce these rules and are authorized to use their own discretion in matters relating to the safety and conduct of the membership and guests. The club staff has full authority to discipline children if they break club rules. The club reserves the right to restrict or revoke the privileges of the members or guests violating the above rules within the scope of the Bylaws.

Personal Responsibility

  • The cost of any FFSC property damage will be charged to the responsible active member.
  • Persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages will be denied entrance to FFSC. Alcoholic beverages will be permitted as long as the members and/or guests behave appropriately. Inappropriate behavior, such as getting excessively drunk, causing a disturbance or loud and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of club privileges.
  • No loud or boisterous conduct or activities shall be allowed.
  • It is expected that members/guests will clean up after themselves; referring to picnic tables, grills and surrounding areas.
  • During adult swim, no children under 16 years of age are allowed in the pool or allowed to dangle their feet in the pool.


FFSC has no facilities for checking valuables. We highly recommend you don’t bring them to the club. FFSC is not responsible for any valuables.

Health and Safety

  • No running is allowed on any cement pavement area.
  • There is no smoking or vaping in any area on club grounds and you must be a minimum of 20 feet away from the entrance to the clubhouse.
  • No food or beverage (except clear water) is allowed on the pool deck at any time, including swim meets. No glass containers are allowed on the pool deck at any time. Please refer to the FFSC Glassware Policy. Only clear water is allowed on the pool deck.
  • Use of water/squirt guns, nerf balls, hard/soft balls of any kind (ie football, tennis ball, etc.) are prohibited from use in the pool. Only squishy water balls are allowed for use in the pool.
  • Puddle jumpers and/or life jackets are allowed in the pool. Exception is when using the slides and/or diving board, the puddle jumper and/or life jacket needs to be removed.
  • You MUST wear a swimsuit while showering unless there is a curtain around the shower.
  • The use of portable charcoal burning grills is prohibited on FFSC grounds. Use of the permanent grills located throughout the picnic area is encouraged. Use of portable propane or electric grills may be permitted.
  • Members, guests and staff are prohibited from carrying firearms on club property, whether concealed or otherwise, and regardless of whether the person is a CPL holder.


FFSC is a ZERO tolerance club. Any violence, attempted violence, or bullying will be cause for immediate dismissal of the club and possible suspension of the season. After further investigation by the Board, a determination to revoke the family's bond will be made if necessary.

  1. If a violation and/or harassment occurs of any kind, it must be immediately reported to a lifeguard and a harassment report must be completely filled out and signed by everyone involved.
  2. It is parent’s full responsibility of their children and any guests they bring into the club. Lifeguards are not babysitters.
  3. If a problem occurs between kids, it is the parent’s responsibility to handle it accordingly. This is not the club’s responsibility. The club will only get involved if a harassment report is filed and filled out.

Entering FFSC Grounds

  1. All cars must proceed slowly and carefully on the driveway and parking areas.
  2. Entrance and exits will be kept clear at all times. Parking is permitted only in designated areas.
  3. All bicycles should be parked in designated bike rack areas.

Admittance to FFSC Club Grounds/Pool

  1. Members must identify themselves to a staff member inside the clubhouse with their bond number prior to admittance to FFSC. Guests must be registered by an active member and staff, prior to admittance. Guests must complete/sign liability waiver.
  2. A current photograph of each member of the family on the current bond must be supplied at the on-set of the FFSC’s opening. This photograph will be on file with the associated bond number for identification purposes for entry.
  3. Unless they are members; domestic help, babysitters, or nannies acting in this capacity, will not be permitted to accompany children to the club unless an “Associate/Babysitter Membership” has been purchased. An up-to-date picture is required. Please contact the membership chair if you are interested in purchasing an associate/babysitter membership.
  4. Children who are under the age of 12 will not be permitted within FFSC grounds unless accompanied by an adult or babysitter. The babysitter must be at least 14 years old. In this instance an adult constitutes a person 16 years or older.
  5. Children under the age of 14 cannot be at FFSC after 8:00 pm without a responsible adult present.

Attendance of Guests

  1. Guest privileges are for one calendar day and must be accompanied by a current active member.
  2. The guest fee is $5.00 per person or $15.00 per family. A liability waiver must be signed by a responsible adult (parent/legal guardian if guest is a minor under 18 years old) each year.
  3. Scheduling of organization groups, i.e. Boy Scouts, Brownies, school groups, etc. shall be limited to Monday through Friday only and only on days which no other functions are scheduled. The member requesting specific dates will complete a request with the pool manager. Refer to the FFSC Party Guidelines Request Page. Only the Board or the manager grants exceptions.
  4. Special weekly rates are available for house guests. House guests are defined as family of active members who are actually visiting a family member. Upon advance notification from the member to the club manager, a house guest’s privileges may be granted for a period of one week at a cost of $15.00/person or $45.00 per family.